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Our Top Reasons To Escape Winter In The RAFI Arbour

Where The Best Of The Outdoors and Indoors Meet: Welcome To The RAFI Arbour.

We are for warm winters.

Dreaming of a European Summer? In need of a cosy corner to escape the cold? The RAFI Arbour is the perfect space to escape the winter chill.

From long lunches, cocktail-filled dinners or team events, The Arbour is the perfect backdrop to your next RAFI visit. Keep reading to find out our top reasons why you need to experience The Arbour this Winter.

Our Top 3 Reasons:

Experience The Best Of The Outdoors In Style:

The Arbour is the perfect connection between the outdoors and indoors. When it’s a little chilly outside, The Arbour is the ideal space to experience the best of the outside in the comfort of the indoors. With hanging greenery, and floor-to-ceiling glass, feel like you are sitting outside without facing the harsh elements.

Gaze out the windows to the large trees that line the street below, look up to see the blue sky above, or place your feet on the stone beneath and experience the best of the outdoors in the heated Arbour.

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Warm And Inviting Ambience:

The Arbour is built to experience the best of the outdoors even in Winter. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling insulated glass, the warmth of the inside stays inside, and the cool wind stays outside, plus that means the warming afternoon sun can gleam through the space.

The Arbour is filled with several warming heaters that reach the entirety of the Arbour, and the doors are able to be closed and opened whenever required to keep all the warmth inside.

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A Winter Escape For Your Dining Experience or Event:

Wishing you were enjoying European Summer? With light blue tiled tables, relaxing chairs, and cushions, alongside a delicious fresh menu, warming wine list, and creative cocktails, be transported right back to Summer.

The Arbour is the ideal space to escape this Winter. Situated in the heart of North Sydney, The Arbour has a tranquil, relaxing vibe that will help you forget the bustle of everyday life.

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Experience the best of the outdoors, in comfort, inside the RAFI Arbour.

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