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A Note From Our Executive Head Chef

Celebrating Seasonal Produce At RAFI North Sydney

A note from our Executive Head Chef Matias Cillóniz on sustainability and respect for our local suppliers.

At RAFI, our focus is on delivering the finest Australian produce while upholding sustainability and showing respect for our local suppliers. Our commitment to great hospitality is simple and sincere. You’ll find a rotating selection of new dishes, highlighting some of the ingredients below.

“We’ve recently switched from Cantabrian Anchovies to Wild Port Lincoln Sardines, sourced locally in South Australia, to better align with our focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. These sardines are not only delicious but also packed with omega fatty acids, iron, zinc, and vitamin D. We prepare them simply, with a light torching and a drizzle of new season olive oil, sea salt, and fennel pollen. They pair perfectly with our wholemeal sourdough pita and hummus to kickstart your meal.

Our menu now features Blue Mussels from Tasmania, sourced from a certified organic and sustainable farm. These mussels thrive in pristine waters, and we serve them with a tangy pickled escabeche sauce, dehydrated olives, pickled onions, and fresh coriander sprouts.

We’re also committed to sustainable seafood. Our weekly grilled market fish selection rotates, featuring options like King George Whiting from Corner Inlet, Victoria, with strict regulations in place to ensure sustainable fishing practices. We recently had John Dory from New Zealand and before that, crispy-skinned Murray Cod from Aquna, a sustainable farm that prioritises antibiotic and hormone-free practices.

At RAFI, we keep it simple: great ingredients, thoughtfully sourced, and expertly prepared—all while supporting sustainability and responsible dining”.