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The RAFI Drop: Domaine Rolet

Meet The Maker: Domaine Rolet

This month’s RAFI Drop highlights a jewel of the Jura, an elegant Chardonnay from Domaine Rolet in France.

We spoke with the Domaine Rolet team to learn more about the acclaimed region and their winemaker, Chloé Weber who believes in innovation while respecting the traditions left by the Rolet family.

Keep reading to learn about Chloé’s passion for viticulture, and explore the journey behind The RAFI Drop.

About The Winemaker

Hailing from Alsace, vintner Chloé Weber is a globetrotter with a fervour for wine and fine cuisine.

Till age 10, wine had minor cultural significance in Chloe’s African upbringing. Family talks often included it, paired with feasts transcending occasions. Her reverence for nature and natural resources led her to study Biological Engineering, delving into fermentation and oenology.

She then travelled around California and New Zealand to perfect her English and explore the new world of wine, eventually making her way back to France, and ultimately the Jura.

“I fell in love with the Jura, literally. With its mysterious, unique but varied side. I like to say that the Jura is beautiful, sometimes very hard, and that it must be earned.  I had one foot in the local, reasoned, organic approach from a personal point of view. Then I put the other one through my job. Today I am satisfied that the two are in agreement to move forward in this direction, with Domaine Rolet.”

About The Winery

Established in 1942 by Désiré Rolet, Domaine Rolet stands as a gem within the Jura vineyard. Passing the torch to the next generation, his children – Pierre, Eliane, Guy, and Bernard – assumed their roles within the estate. Over the span of two generations, the Rolet family’s dedication propelled them to the forefront of the vineyard’s esteemed references.

In 2018, the Rolet family entrusted the estate to three families passionate about wine and the region. Infusing youthful dynamism into the wines, they embarked on a journey towards organic certification in the vineyards and a more hands-off approach in the winery, striking a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity.

About The RAFI Drop

2018 Domaine Rolet ‘L’Étoile’ Arbois (Chardonnay), Jura, FRA

This elegant Chardonnay is from the L’Étoile AOC, which gets its name from the fossilised sea stars found in the soil.
With generous notes of lemon and nectarine, it has a lingering acidity and mineral-driven finish. Golden colour with hints of almonds and hazelnuts gives it a textural palate with a buoyant length.

Pair this wine with poultry or a creamy pasta.

To discover more about Domaine Rolet visit their website or follow them on socials to learn from the experts and stay up to date on new vintages.