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The RAFI Drop: Tornatore Winery

Meet The Maker: Tornatore Winery

Tornatore’s ‘Etna Bianco’ has been hand-selected by Applejack Group Sommelier Amandine Rouviere to be part of The RAFI Drop for May.

We sat down with the team from Tornatore winery to discover more about the wine makers, the history of the winery and for a closer insight about the 2020 Tornatore Etna Bianco (Carricante), Sicily, ITA on offer at RAFI during May.

Join us at RAFI from 4pm – 6pm every day until Saturday 27th May to experience this wine at a reduced price as part of The RAFI Drop! This wine is also on our wine menu to order when dining with us.


About The Winery

What Is The History Of The Vineyard?

The agricultural activity of the Tornatore Winery is based on the ownership of 110 hectares of which 60 hectares of vineyards. As a consequence, Tornatore’s vineyards are one of the largest the Etna DOC production area. These vineyards count several locations in different districts: among them the remarkable contrade of Bragaseggi, Piano dei Daini, Zottorinotto, Pietrarizzo, Malpasso, Pietramarina, Torre Guarino, Carranco and Trimarchisa, all in the Castiglione di Sicilia Municipality.

The altitude ranges from 550 to 700 meters above sea level and the age of the vineyards varies from 3 to 40 years for the Reds and 3 to 10 years for the Whites. The Tornatore’s vineyards have been recently reorganised in order to improve the quality standards and maintain the bond both with the territory and the winemaking traditions (high plant density, rigidly native variety). Particular attention has been paid to the processing of our vineyards. A high number of vines per hectare (approx. 6,000) has been maintained and an upwards-trained vertical-trellised system has been selected with 3/4 cordon spurs and a distance of mt 2.20×0.80.

About The Drop Wine

What is the process involved in making this wine? 

The grapes are harvested by hand in small crates and quickly brought to the winery where and manually selected on a belt-conveyor. De-stemmed and slightly crushed, they are sent to the vertical press where they are gently pressed. The must is clarified at low temperatures, and left to ferment at 15/16 °C. After the fermentation, the wine obtained rests on the lees for about three months.

Explain colour and tasting notes for this wine?

Light straw yellow with intense green reflections. Pleasant hints of grapefruit, white peach and herbs, mark the nose of this wine which shows its true identity on the palate with a pleasant flavour and freshness complemented by an extraordinary minerality; exclusive notes that invite to the second glass.

What type of dish would you recommend eating alongside the RAFI Drop wine?

Southeast Asian flavours work well with this wine as well as great Sicilian dishes like stuffed sardine, rich arancini and grilled eggplant.

How Best To Drink The Wine

When is the perfect occasion to sip on Etna Bianco?

Holiday season! “These moments call for a bottle of wine that suits the mood. Something lifted and expressive, lively and elevated. This wine selection is the conversation start and must be an option that can flow ubiquitously throughout the night.

Crafted entirely from the Sicilian native grape Carricante, this bottle is made for dancing and chatting the night away.”

Find out more > 

To discover more about Tornatore Wines visit their website or follow them on socials to learn from the experts and stay up to date on new vintages.